How do I stay up to date with your latest creations and collections?

- Thats easy! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Then you will also be included in our special discount offers, only available for social media followers.

Are Y Knot Collection bracelets waterproof?

- Yes , all Y Knot Collection products are waterproof. If your piece needs cleaning, simply wash it by hand with a mild detergent.

What kind of metal is your bracelets made with?

- All our metal parts is Stainless Steel 316 and chromed.

Do you ship worldwide?

- Yes, we ship worldwide with the regular postal service or UPS depending on the order value.

How much is the shipping cost?

- Shipping cost i varies from country to country. Please add your desired product in the cart and go to checkout. Choose your country and your shipping cost will be shown.

How can I choose bracelet size I am?

- Measure around your wrist and choose the size that best cooresponds to your measure in the list that you will find in each products description.

Do you offer free returns?

- We offer a 14 day return policy. It is your responsibility to handle the return transport of the product. Please contact us before returning a product.

What exactly does handmade in Croatia mean?

- It means exactly what it says, that the product is handcrafted in Split, Croatia by Y Knot Collection staff. This ensures a high quality and makes each product unique!